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Funky Porcupine

By Vincent

Far far away, behind the mountains and rivers, a Funky Porcupine is thinking about images from a new world.

Spring time with flowers

Spring time with flowers

April 06, 2017

Spring a fast season with colorful flowers appearing everywhere. An essay around this thematic with bright light and colors.

After a long winter, Spring comes with bright lights and colorful flowers.

This 'short' Spring time period is propitious to compose vibrant frames.

A contrast with dark winter

Spring flower artistic photography

This season has something magical. Faint and delicate petals in opposition with a cold and dark environment.

This contrast has something interesting, intriguing.

For this photography, I choose to keep a cold dark background, and a special moody tonality, accentuating only the shadows with purple. The global light is really faint, and the flowers are revealing themselves by their own bright petals. Even the branch remains unfriendly, coated with old dark moss.

Strange shapes with bright sunlight

Muscaris flowers know how to appreciate Spring.

With their unconventional shape, those little flowers literally pop-up from nowhere.

Unfortunately, muscaris I find are always in absolutely non-aesthetic places, with ugly backgrounds.

Anyway, I manage to find a tricky way to use a bright sunlight far away on the back, and to find a muscari group with different heights.

The photography has a powerful feeling, full of hope and energy.

Bright muscari photography
Bright muscari

Pink petals to the light

Cherry flower photography

I find an isolated old cherry tree, but with only few flowers, I couldn't create a Spring madness with an explosion of red/pink dots.

Despite this poor composition, I find it uncommon but in a positive sense. A lonely flower on a branch, posed as a decoration.

A very faint sunlight was slightly warming up a corner of the background, and all the rest of the frame was the tree bush, with dark only shadows.

So the idea was to work on two sides of the image.

First the flower of course. This pink cherry petals are visible behind its branch with green leaves. It has a certain intimacy dimension ; we take time to observe this flower and its particular vibrant textures.

The second aspect of the photography has a dramatic feeling, with is a junction between darkness and a bright light. The branch goes from a dark background and tries to reach a vigorous light.

That's it with those Spring time flowers pictures.

Vincent photography work

Behind Funky Porcupine is the photographic work created by Vincent mostly around nature subjects.

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