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Funky Porcupine

By Vincent

Far far away, behind the mountains and rivers, a Funky Porcupine is thinking about images from a new world.

Abstract green macro photography

Abstract green macro photography

April 06, 2017

An original abstract picture in a green thematic using, as main subject, a single fresh leaf growing in a free empty space.

A little photographic work around one growing leaf, and trying to create an abstract photography with only the ambient light available, and the environment.

Nature spree in green.

The subject is a fresh hazelnut tree's leaf, with such beautiful textures and colors.

There was a vast space with only green grass. This green land was the perfect element to compose the background.

Such green environment has something really homogeneous, perfect to compose a nice blurred background and so, to isolate the subject with its textural details.

The available global light wasn't too bright but the final image seems to have a rear light that enlighten this leaf.

That's the magic of the picture!

In fact this is only an illusion, and the reality is less romantic.

Composing the picture with its own environment

The photography presents a delicate branch coming horizontally from the left.

In a way, this leaf comes to meet its audience, well I do hope you have this feeling.

Apparently it seems a bright light comes right to the leaf, but it has nothing to do with a sun light.

Originally, the picture was taken vertically, like a portrait. The picture has been turned by 90°.

In fact the branch doesn't comes from the left side, but for the bottom.

On the background was a green land with a path right in the middle.

Yes, this bright light is in reality a simple path I've managed to use on the background.

It's always funny to play around with the elements, and even a concrete path.

Vincent photography work

Behind Funky Porcupine is the photographic work created by Vincent mostly around nature subjects.

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