Funky Porcupine creative art photography

Funky Porcupine

By Vincent

Far far away, behind the mountains and rivers, a Funky Porcupine is thinking about images from a new world.

Spring time with flowers

April 06, 2017

Spring a fast season with colorful flowers appearing everywhere. An essay around this thematic with bright light and colors.

Abstract green macro photography

April 06, 2017

An original abstract picture in a green thematic using, as main subject, a single fresh leaf growing in a free empty space.

A luminescent world

Today is something quite different, as it isn't a photography frame, but a digital painting. I was looking to create something bright, in a blue ocean thematic with movements and light..

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Nature still life photography

How a simple leaf can be so beautiful to look at it. Still life is an interesting subject to photography, whereas in black and white or in color.

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Mountain feels good illustration

I’ve worked on a simple drawing project to create a mountain poster. Finaly I’ve ended with different versions.

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Vincent photography work

Behind Funky Porcupine is the photographic work created by Vincent mostly around nature subjects.

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